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It's National Orange Wine Day!

It's National Orange Wine Day!


Hear ye! Hear ye! Today has been decreed National Orange Wine Day! I know, you’re like “OMG! Does EVERYTHING have it’s own day?” and you’d be correct! It does and today is Orange Wine’s day so stop being a hater and celebrate!


WHAT is Orange Wine?

“Is it like limoncello but with oranges? Is it still wine made from oranges? Chanel, tell me WHAT IS IT?! “ I hate to burst your citrus obsessed bubble but oranges actually have nothing to do with this wine. The term comes solely from the color of the wine itself.

HOW is Orange Wine Made?

Orange wine was originated nearly 6,000 years ago in Eastern Europe. The process consists of fermenting white wines grapes in the same way red wine grapes are: by skin contact during fermentation. The longer the skins are left to ferment, the deeper the wine will turn into an orange brandy color. Orange wine making is a very natural process and for the most part, winemakers stay away from additives to the wine and some don’t even use yeast.

Flavor Profile

This wine making style gives the wine its sour taste, very similar to some beers. If you have a friend that doesn’t like wine and but loves beer, this would be a great type of wine to get them to try. Orange wines are usually big, bold and very dry on the palate. So be warned that even though they are made from white wine grapes, they are nothing like a white wine in taste or aroma. On the palate, you’re going to get lots of nuttiness and dried citrus rinds. As far as food pairings go, the boldness of this wine needs to paired with bold foods such as Ethiopian food or spicy curries.

Who Is Making Orange Wine?

A lot of great orange wine is being made all over the world. From the United States to Italy to Greece to Australia, this old technique is being embraced the world over and has found a new audience.


Who Created The Holiday?

National Orange Wine Day was founded on October 6, 2018 by wine blogger Amanda Goodwin a.k.a. The Real Housewine. She created this holiday because she wants to spread the word about this and other lesser known wines and wine styles. Cheers to you Amanda!

Have you tried orange wine?


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